Why invest in Anfield?

The opportunity for businesses in Anfield is a unique one.

The area has undergone transformational regeneration with some 400 new homes built in the immediate vicinity in the last 10 years and more than 300 traditional terraced properties refurbished. A further 170-plus new homes are currently under construction.

Because of the proximity of Liverpool Football Club, the High Street attracts a truly international range of visitors throughout the year, with some 54,000 people visiting the location every match-day.

On non-match days, over the course of the year, the football stadium attracts 250,000 people on its stadium tours. On top of that, a further 50,000 visit the stadium for conferences and other events.

These visitors come from all over the UK and overseas.

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Liverpool FC’s new 15,000 sq ft club shop, which will be the High Street’s retail anchor, is set to open in Summer 2017. Footfall is expected to rise even further with that development.

On any given day, the stadium employs between 150 and 300 people, with that number rising to over 2,500 on match-days.

In addition to visitors and employees, of course, is a vibrant local community, including a new primary school and district health centre within walking distance of the High Street.

The neighbourhood also benefits from a state-of-the-art community and sports centre and is home to a beautiful Victorian park, Stanley Park, which has been restored and remodelled over the last five years and is the location for frequent events and festivals.

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